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Couple with grandchildren, medium budget 

I got the opportunity to work with IKEA Interior team at Sheffield to create a living room set for a couple in their 60s with grandchildren. They had a mid-range budget and the space must be around 20m2 and have a staircase within the room. We used a real-life property at the time and created a scenario for our target group.

Steve and Sandra are in their late 60s. They are both now retired from their occupations.

Steve worked as a geologist and Sandra as a jewellery designer. They share a love of

natural materials and over the years have acquired a substantial collection of semi-precious


They have two adult children, and three grandchildren. They are very involved in their

grandchildren’s lives and spend two days each week looking after the younger two (aged

two and three).

They are very active and go to the gym, swim, own an allotment, and have a large beautiful garden that they both work on. Both Steve and Sandra have got into baking since

retiring, and are often in competition with each other over who can make the best cake.

Their grandkids are their harshest critics.

They often eat out, go on lots of day trips, spend as much time abroad as they possibly

can; they also go on whole family holidays with their kids and grandkids. Sandra’s taken

up floristry as a hobby and Steve has started to photograph their vast collection of rocks.

They absolutely love being retired.

The room setting is inspired by geology and Steve and Sandra’s love of natural mater


Ikea Living Room


Ikea Design Set


May 2018