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Tennis Event

No Balls Please is a pop up installation for Adidas to promote the campaign #changecreate. The aim of this installation is to get teenage girls back into sports, in particular tennis. No Balls Please aims to create social experiences, as well as a love for the sport through activities such as practising the sport, watching promotional videos and socialising with the strawberries and cream bar that included. The structure of the installation is based on the shape of the tennis ball using the stripes which reflect the entrance and exit of the space, as well as the use of a suspended platform representing the travel aspect of the struggles teenage girls find in travelling to these sport centres. The materials used in the structure include smart materials such as chromosonic to engage teenage girls into try out sports as well as a mesh polyester to represent the use of tennis rackets and nets. The location is based in Paris, where tennis originated from, touring its many landmarks, visiting everyone regardless of their background. 


Brand Partnership Adidas Tennis Pop Up




March 2019